2013/06/26 22:32

Our thought...

Thank to scientists and their families who without
losing faith kept working at CeMM’s only fundamental
mission, to do innovative research
to assist medicine, throughout those years of
constant uncertainties and push-backs. You are
the explanation as to why we exist, why this
Research Report is possible and you will enable
us to make this center for molecular medicine
a success.

We have just started. We will have our building hopefully in the next couple of years. Please understand that we are far from having achieved much yet. Much of the content of this report are thoughts and notion entirely projected in a future of very hard work integrated with the work of many others. We hope you agree that it is all worthwhile.

Labnote is which we record our everyday findings.
The intention was to create a symbol illustrating that what we present in this report is the synthesis of what is found in our books.

What is Molecular medicine? why do we need a research dedicated to it? Has it not been done already? How does it relate to several existing researches? There are the type of questions that we have been confronted with since we started UMP some two year ago.

And these are the answers:

Molecular Medicine is an area in medicine where the mechanisms of disease as well as the therapeutic and diagnostic initiatives are all based on a detailed understanding at the molecular level. This means that at UMP we hunt the molecular basis of disease and fight it in ways that are understood in the language of molecules.

UMP as a center is needed to anticipate, respond and contribute as much as possible to the revolution
in medicine that has begun from the sequencing of individual genomes, the large increase in quantitative data from patients and the proliferation of therapeutic opportunities
. In a nutshell, the challenges we are facing in translating the knowledge gained through the years of successful "reductionist" approaches in molecular biology into improved medical practice are disease complexity and patient variability associated with the socia-economical dilemmas of affordability and safety requirements of treatment.
The solutions generated by entire biomedical research community will lead to medicines that are integrative and have physiology as their central discipline. More than it has been so far, the medicine of the future will be predictive, preventive and personalized.

UMP is postgenomic research center. What does it mean? Its foundation and principles were generated after the elucidation of the sequence of the human genome. Knowledge of the parts the gene products and the molecules of the human body has been revealed.

What we are facing is the revaluation of physiology. The human body as a biological system is more than just the sum of its parts.
It is the result of countless interaction between the molecules of which we are composed, that form higher order structures such as networks.
These in turn are dynamic and result from the momentary as well as past interaction of our bodies. The time is not far away, maybe a reality for the next generation, in which all the knowledge of the parts and its interactions will allow for computational models, that fed with data from mol pathology, will predict disease outcome and suggest cures.
The human biological system is thought to be very robust, able to absorb perturbation easily. However, both diseases and cures depend on understanding and modulating the fragile aspects of these otherwise robust systems.


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