2012/10/02 12:52

Development of the SARS early detection

Application of next-generation sequencing for rapid marker development in outbreak control: a case study of SARS outbreak.

Because of the potential for rapid epidemic spread, patients with SARS should be admitted to the hospital, and rigorous infection control measures are essential.[122] Droplet and Contact Precautions are mandatory.[122] Hypoxemic patients require careful monitoring, and in severe cases, mechanical ventilation.[122] Procedures that involve airway manipulation (e.g., intubation, bronchoscopy, suctioning, nebulized therapy) should be performed only when essential, and under tightly controlled conditions.[122]

No treatment has been shown to influence mortality or clinical outcomes in SARS.[122] Intravenous ribavirin was ineffective and had significant toxicity.[133] Corticosteroids were used in uncontrolled studies, but were of unproven benefit.[122] Other strategies employed include interferon alfa, lopinavir/ritonavir, and Chinese herbal medications[122]; none is of proven efficacy.


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