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For both individual visitors and project teams, various time-sharing arrangements are possible - for example, a full-time sabbatical by the visiting scientist or an arrangement in which the visiting scientist spends one week a month at Janelia Farm but has a person or two in residence full time. The visitor should propose a specific arrangement as part of the proposal. Arrangements extending beyond a year are reviewed on an annual basis

Available resources may include: laboratory and office space for the visiting scientist while in residence, access to shared resource labs, funds for supplies, travel to and from Janelia Farm, residential housing, and salary support for the visitor or for dedicated staff.

A visitor is hosted by a Janelia lab head. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis. If you are interested in applying to the Janelia Farm Visitor Program, please begin by writing a statement of research interest; include a brief description of the project, requested staff and costs, and a list of potential Janelia lab head collaborators. Send your curriculum vitae and research statement to Dr. Chonnettia Jones.

Mitochondrial DNA
MtDNA encodes essential proteins
protein engineering:
http://www.janelia.org/lab/looger-lab protein
http://www.janelia.org/lab/gonen-lab  :molecular electron microscopy to study structures of large protein complexes
DNA sequences that specify development, regulation, and function of organisms:


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