2012/08/29 17:12


Since the Olympic games ended,  many sporting events are now being held.   Many of my friends are very enthusiastic about them and naturally soccer is the most popular event.   Some teams and players that didn't catch my eye have greatly improved this season.   There are others,   who in an effort to gain personal glory,  left the teams they played with for a long time,  making their supporters very unhappy.   As an absolute bystander,  I think that if you don't move forward,  you are just holding yourself back.   It is very normal to engage in something that challenges you as well as others.   It is a good thing to have a competitive heart.

We often hear about  "still breathing, but have used up all our strength".   Then what is  "still have strength,  but out of breath  (qi) "?   Actually,  it is very simple.   It means that when we are dealing with problems concerning other people,  we have to use all our   "strength"  to solve them,  yet we should never be angry  (anger =  "qi"  in Chinese),  quarrel out of spite  (means  "fighting because of  "qi " "),  or become discouraged  (discouraged = loss of  "qi"  in Chinese).   We need to learn to be inclusive,  to try to resolve a situation instead of causing hatred is very important.   With positive energy and confidence,  we have a chance to succeed. 


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